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So Britney’s releasing her own line of lingerie…



Me, upon waking up to the news that Brit Brit is going into the lingerie business:Lilly Shahs of Sunset o rly gif



Hands up if you can’t decide whether you think this is more hilarious or bizarre? Come on, Britney army, don’t lie, I know you feel me on this one.

This morning, Britney tweeted:


I mean… I just… I just have a lot of thoughts running through my head right now, so let’s have a quick chat about this, yeah?

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PCP Flashback – Destiny’s Child face off against Destiny’s Child and Destiny’s Child in a dance battle in the video for “Lose My Breath.”

Today’s flashback is on the newer end of the scale, because I feel like it wasn’t released thaaaaaat long ago. In reality, of course, this song is 10 damn years old and I’m suddenly feeling a lot older than I needed to. So great, here you go, watch the video. I’ll be in the bathroom trying not to let the tears for my wasted youth wash away my anti-aging morning skincare routine. xo


Full recap under the cut:

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The 2014 MTV VMA nominees, and PCP’s picks.

You guys, it’s almost time once again for my third favourite award show of the year, the MTV VMAs. If for some reason you’re interested in my award show hierarchy, it goes like this:

  1. Academy Awards: The pinnacle of glamour and A-listers.
  2. Emmy Awards: I watch too much TV.
  3. MTV VMAs: The outfits, the controversy, the performances. The VMAs never fails to deliver (except for those years in between 2007-2013 when the only two memorable moments were “I’ma let you finish and the time Gaga hung herself on stage)
  4. Golden Globes: Sort of a B-List version of 1 and 2.
  5. Billboard Music Awards/Grammys/American Music Awards: Just whatever has the best performances that year, really.

Anyway, before we really get into the obsessive corners of my brain where you get to see just how much time I spend thinking about things like this, let’s run through the nominees and see who’s up for what this year.

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Kanye West is just a blowfish who’s in love with a dinosaur, and other revelations from Yeezy’s GQ interview.

There are no other celebrities out there who even come close to loving the sound of their own voice as much as Ye does, I swear. He’s like this funny little caricature of a narcissist, and that’s why I love him so. Seriously, I’m seeing him perform in September and the breakdown of reasoning behind my purchasing tickets was like 25% that I like his music and 75% that I might get to see him lose his mind and go on one of his infamous rants live, in person. I imagine other people will be displeased if this happens, but I will be sitting there LIVING for the shitshow that is Yeezy’s motivational speaking.

Anyway, we’re off track and this post hasn’t even taken off yet, so fuck, let’s sort it out.

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Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Laura Prepon and more! The week in celebrity social media.

A few things:

1 Biebs, please stop trying to make the bucket hat happen. I’m scared that it will happen and I don’t want it to happen. Leave that shit in the past where it belongs.

2 Bey’s instagram is always so on point but in this specific shot she looks like erry other tumblr model tbh.

3 Kim Kardashian’s game crashed yesterday and fans spammed the fuck outta her instagram in these long, rambling, all caps-locked run-on sentences, and it’s basically the funniest thing I’ve ever read. One highlight:


Britney Spears laughing gif

4 Dayum Hilary your fillers are working overtime right now.

5 I know Cara Delevingne is like everyone’s favourite it girl right now because she’s so ~quirky~ but like goddamn sometimes I see photos of her doing dumb shit and I just think “ugh you must be so exhausting to be around.” Maybe I’m just too old for Cara.

6 Kyle Richards and Melissa Gorga in the same photo? My worlds just collided. You know what would be better than this mess, though? Lisa Vanderpump and Teresa Giudice in the same photo.

7 … I mean, look how insane and creepy Tre looks in that photo. Her stare is like a bizarre, evil, porcelain doll.

8 I legit love that BJ Novak legit loves a Nicole Richie quote.

9 Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are actually really cute together on social media. Like I ship them a little bit.

10 I love Debra Jo Rupp and it’s so cute to see her and Laura Prepon catching up.

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RiRi looks smoking hot in a leopard two-piece, Blake Lively does Vogue, Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora perform Black Widow, and more stories from this week.


Here’s Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora destroying Black Widow at Wireless. The context for the word “destroy” there is “Katy Perry performing Firework live” rather than “2001 era Britney’s choreography,” FYI:


More stories from this week under the cut!

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Iconic Moments in History: Paris Hilton writes a song about her feud with former BFF Nicole Richie.

Hey boos, welcome to my new PCP series: Iconic Moments in History, where we get to relive the scandals, the outfits, and the moments in pop culture that gave us life in the past. Join me on this walk down trash culture’s memory lane, won’t you?

Okay, so you may have heard that Paris Hilton is in the midst of a musical comeback. Last year she released “Good Time,” and just this week, she released the follow up single called “Come Alive,” which really needs to be seen to be believed, because Paris is serving up some Barbie Mariposa realness for us with this one:


I know I’m getting really sidetracked here, but damn her videos are well-produced. So SHINY! Also her make-up and nails are so on point. Ugh I’m getting sucked in, I need to stop watching this and get this post back on track. Heeeere we go.

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PCP Flashback – Brandy and Monica battle for the affection of their two-timing boyfriend in “The Boy is Mine.”

You guys, remember Brandy’s 15 minutes? When I was a tween, I thought Brandy was the bomb. I loved her on Moesha, I loved “The Boy is Mine”, and I LOVED I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. Monica, well, I have no real opinion of her outside of this kick-ass song.

Brandy and Monica a hit so wonderful that it’s on one of my playlists that is eternally on my iPhone, just in case I want to listen to it at any given moment. That hit is “The Boy is Mine,” obviously, rather than the pretty much unknown 2012 collaboration “It All Belongs To Me.”

So. Let’s watch the video, and then assess this glorious video:

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The Emmy Awards’ boss is under fire for category fraud.

If you read the Emmy nominations last week and thought to yourself “wait, what the fuck? How is Orange is the New Black nominated in all the comedy categories, I don’t remember laughing in season two,” well, you’re not alone. In fact, so many people read the nominations and thought it was suspicious that the Academy’s chief executive Bruce Rosenblum had to give an interview “explaining” how the nominations ended up the way they did.

Leo Leonardo DiCaprio I'm ready gif wolf

I’m ready.

Let’s see what he had to say for himself.

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Let’s talk about the Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere, the most entertaining, heartbreaking shitshow on television right now.

Season six of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has kicked off, and the premiere had everything one would expect from our fiery New Jersey ladies. To catch you up, we’ve lost Jacqueline Laurita, Caroline Manzo, and Kathy Wakile (which means no more Rosie and Juicy Joe getting drunk together, which is a real bummer), and gained back Dina Manzo, and we also have newcomers Amber Marchese, as well as twins Teresa Aprea (pronounced Tuh-REH-Suh. “Reh” like “meh”.) and Nicole Napolitano.

Not invited back was our gangster queen Danielle Staub, and shit-stirring friend of the housewives Kim D.

Danielle Staub RHONJ glare gif


So let’s talk about this.

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