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So apparently Yeezy is looking to star in a comedy.

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You guys, just when I think Kanye West has reached his Kanye West-iest point, just when I think he’s doing the most and couldn’t possibly surprise me any more with anything he says, he proves me wrong, and I learn a valuable lesson about not underestimating how nutso Ye is. Don’t ever change, Yeezy.

Let’s talk about this new rumour, yeah?

From Contact Music:

Kanye Wests wants to star in a comedy. The rapper made a cameo in ‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues’ last year and is now desperate to land a major role in another hilarious blockbuster.

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Hmm. Okay then.

A source told the US’ OK! magazine: ”He’s told his agent to find him a role in a big comedy, but so far no one is interested.” The ‘Bound 2’ hitmaker, 37 – who has 14-month-old daughter North with his wife Kim Kardashian – has been keen to embark on a film career for a while, but he’s always insisted he’s ”waiting for the right part.”

Britney Spears laugh For the Record

“So far, no one is interested.”

You guys, I don’t even care if this is true or not. I love this article. Love. It.

An insider told ‘Dish Nation’ recently: ”He really wants to make a name for himself as a comedic actor – in his mind, he’s convinced that he’s a very funny guy. ”The general perception of Kanye is that he takes himself way too seriously, but he says that’s only when it comes to his music.”

Charlie Kelly IASIP laughing

The best paragraph yet. “He’s convinced that he’s a very funny guy!” OMG I’m dying.  Also, lol @ Kanye thinking he’s only super serious when it comes to his music.

Meanwhile, Kanye is keen to focus on his upcoming album and has even told Kim, 33, that he doesn’t want another child at the moment as he’s trying to arrange another world tour for after the release.

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Okay no, let’s get back to the hilarity of the last paragraph please?

A source said previously: ”Kim has made no secret for her desire to get pregnant right away with another baby. However, Kanye is resisting because he is going to be going on a worldwide tour after the release of his upcoming album.”

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Okay whatever I don’t care so much about that last part. Let’s talk about Kanye West: comedian bae. I mean, seriously. Just imagine that for two seconds. The only way it could work would be if he was willing to make fun of himself and/or the Kardashians, and he would literally reign down hellfire before he allowed that to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I find Yeezy HILAAAAARIOUS on the reg, but it’s entirely unintentional on his part. Ye’s the punchline, not the joke teller, and I’m not sure he gets that. Do you think he sees that people laugh at his insanity and just assumes that it’s because he’s a natural comedian??

Also, he’s totally one of those assholes who sees someone doing something, likes it, and is like “oh I could do that,” which is totally annoying, to be honest. Every now and then, I’ll tell someone that I have a blog, or that I like to write, and the response will be “oh cool, I think I could do that, it seems pretty easy,” or “I always wanted to write a book, because I just like, have all these ideas, you know?” (That is a verbatim quote that someone said to me one time. I remember because it took every ounce of energy I had not to burst into laughter.). They’re always people who’ve never studied writing, and even better, haven’t ever read a book that wasn’t assigned to them as homework. Like why would you even want to write a book if you don’t actually read books? And what makes you think that you’d be any good at it? Whatever, I can’t. We’re getting sidetracked by my bitterness, lemme reel it back in here.

Point is, Yeezy’s watched a few comedies and is like “oh, people think I’m funny, I could totally be a comedian! Not just *A* comedian… THE BEST COMEDIAN!” and all I have to say to that is “lol nope, try again buddy.”

On the other hand, I’m sure if this rumour turns out to be true, and Kanye ends up in a comedy film, it will be hilarious in the same way as everything else Ye says is hilarious: unintentionally. And I’ll be all over it.


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