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The 2014 Emmys red carpet. The hits, the misses, and Lena fucking Dunham.


Check back later for the winners and recap! xo


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Beyoncé was ***Flawless at the VMAs and some other people performed too, so let’s talk about that.

And we’re back! Sorry for the slight delay in getting this post up, I was just waiting for HQ video links to be reuploaded after they all got taken down directly after the show. Now that’s sorted, we can get on with it! 

Okay, so the VMAs were on yesterday, and although there wasn’t any real big, iconic controversy for us to talk about this year, it was still a lot of fun and Beyoncé slayed every-damn-thing. Let’s watch the performances and talk winners, yeah?

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Katy Perry and Riff Raff dressed up in Britney and Justin’s iconic double denim outfits, and other things that happened on the 2014 MTV VMAs red carpet.

*Britney Spears voice*

“It’s been a while… I know I shouldn’ta kept you waiting… But I’m here now…”


Y’all, I told you I’d be back for the VMAs! I may be busy, as I’m about to move to Sydney in two days, but there will never be a time in my life when I am too busy to talk about the VMAs. Soz for basically going AWOL on all’a y’all for the last month, shit’s been hectic! Without further ado, let’s talk about the VMAs red carpet!

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An exciting announcement and updated social media accounts.

Hey boos, what’s cracking?

Okay, so apologies for the lack of posts over the weekend, things have been HECTIC in my world and I’ve barely had a moment to myself.

If you follow me on Twitter (@stefinitely85) you’ve probably seen by now that I have an exciting new job working for BuzzFeed Australia, which is totally my dream job and I am SO over-the-moon thrilled about it.

Here’s how that shit went down. About six weeks ago, I saw that they were advertising for a staff writer. I thought “Yes, please!” and posted some sample posts on my BuzzFeed community page. The post “22 reasons we need a full season of The Mindy Project” next season” got picked up by the Community page editors, and then promoted to the front page, which was basically the most exciting thing ever… until Mindy Kaling tweeted a link to my post and I DIED.

Britney DWAD dead gif

Like, my idol Mindy read something I wrote and thought “yeah, I’ll tweet a link to that!” BEST. And in doing that, a ton more people saw my post, I got an interview for my dream job, and found out I got the position on Friday afternoon. Basically, my best friend who doesn’t know anything about our friendship got me my dream job, is that not the greatest thing that’s ever happened in the history of the entire goddamn world?!

Beyonce flawless goddamn gif

But on a serious note, though, I have to thank every single reader of PCP for all the support over the years. Your encouragement and the fact that y’all check for me has been so amazing and without you guys, I probably wouldn’t have kept this site going, and wouldn’t have had anything to show my new employers. So a huge, huge thank you to every single one of you who’s been reading my posts over the years. You mean the world to me.

Mindy friendship cake gif

Now for the practical stuff.

The job is in Sydney, and I’m in Adelaide. I start in four weeks from today, and I have A TON to get done in that time. With that in mind, I might be a little lax on my posting schedule over the next few weeks while I get everything sorted, but I’m not closing PCP down or anything like that, so don’t fret. I’ll be back and better than ever, with BuzzFeed posts to boot! And if you’re thinking “BUT OMG THE VMAS AND EMMYS ARE THIS MONTH IS SHE GOING TO COVER THEM?!” My answer is “Duh, obvi. You think I’ma miss my second and third favourite award shows just because I’m moving? Lol no. I have my priorities in check gurl. x”

In the meantime, you can keep up to date with everything that’s going on in my life on the following social media:

Twitter / Instagram / Tumblr / Pinterest / PCP FB Page

Love, Stephanie






So I guess we need to talk about Orlando punching the Biebs.

Apologies for the slight delay in this post, boos. I wanted to be  a thousand percent sure that I wanted to write this before putting it out there, because to be honest, I’m not sure anyone is going to agree with me on this one and I just needed a hot minute to build up my mental energy before I engaged with this story, you know? Anyway, I’m ready, so let’s get into it.

Okay, so Biebs and Bloom were both at Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza, and after a verbal altercation, Orlando tried to punch Biebs. You can watch videos here because I can’t embed them for you. The reports I’ve read also state that Paris Hilton and LiLo were there partying (please let THAT be a thing that starts happening again, I’d die of happiness), as well as Diddy and my boo DiCaprio.

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