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So Britney’s releasing her own line of lingerie…



Me, upon waking up to the news that Brit Brit is going into the lingerie business:Lilly Shahs of Sunset o rly gif



Hands up if you can’t decide whether you think this is more hilarious or bizarre? Come on, Britney army, don’t lie, I know you feel me on this one.

This morning, Britney tweeted:


I mean… I just… I just have a lot of thoughts running through my head right now, so let’s have a quick chat about this, yeah?

Okay, so let’s start with the fact that it is a well known and long-running joke among both Britney fans and anyone who’s ever been a casual observer of paparazzi photos of celebrities that 1) Britney’s street style is stuck in 2001 and 2) That she basically hates wearing underwear and would much rather go braless erryday. In fact, when I opened my Twitter this morning, this was the first tweet I saw:


Britney Spears laughing gif


So after we get past that, the Britney fan with a keen memory will remember how Brit Brit used to love not wearing underwear so much that she got snapped wearing no underwear on multiple occasions, prompting her to reference it in one of her “letters of truth” (OMG REMEMBER THEM?!), and also in her music video for “Piece of Me.”

December 2006:

It’s been so long since I’ve been out on the town with friends. It’s also been 2 years since I’ve celebrated my birthday. Every move I make at this point has been magnified more than I expected, and I probably did take my new found freedom a little too far. Anyway, thank God for Victoria’s Secrets’ new underwear line! I look forward to a new year, new music, and a new me.

I’m just getting started….. Happy Holidays everyone!


Britney Spears GIF X Factor



Following that, we get into the slightly more problematic rumour that her conservator father Jamie would perform “underwear checks” on Britney before she left the house back in 2008 to avoid more crotch shots.

Aside from all of that, though, the thing that really gets to me about this announcement is that it’s such an obvious ploy to snatch my money away from me by slapping Britney’s name on something that she probably has nothing to do with at all. I mean, consider for a moment that this is the same superstar who couldn’t even be bothered singing on her own damn album (not like that’s any big loss though since Britney Jean is mediocre as hell–and that’s being polite.). Like, don’t try to sell me shit that you’re not even going to wear because you hate wearing underwear, gurl. Don’t play me like that.

Lauren Conrad disappointed not mad makes me sad gif

Oh, Britney. I still love you. I wish I didn’t, but I do. I guess I just don’t know how to quit you.


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