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Listen to Kylie Minogue’s hot new single ‘Skirt’.

Dayummmmmmmm, Kylie!

So Kylie signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation recently, and here’s the first single from her upcoming album. It was produced by Nom de Strip and co-written by The Dream, and you guys, it’s fucking hot and you need to listen to it below right now:


After listening to it once, I can already tell you that this is my favourite Kylie song in years and years, and I’m suddenly very excited to hear this album and see what she’s got planned for this era. You know me, I’m all about filthy slut anthems, and the sexy lyrics qualify this one instantly. I’m obsessed. What do you think? Are you loving it?

Shout out to Australia’s Queen of Pop for her 45th birthday the other day, also!


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