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Courtney Stodden gets naked for E! and the stories I don’t have time to tell you about: May 29, 2013.

Read the interview here.

– A fan slapped Beyonce’s ass at a concert. At least he didn’t spank her vagina. [GossipCop]

– Check out the single artwork for Miley’s new single ‘We Can’t Stop’. Things Miley can’t do: 1) Be Tamed. 2) Stop. [Idolator]

– Demo Lovato misses Britney on The X Factor. [ONTD!]

– JB is being investigated for reckless driving, again. Honestly I don’t care about this too much because it’s like, show me a 19 year old boy who’s not a reckless driver. OMG, I’m showing my age with that statement, aren’t I? If only they had a night cream for attitude. Also, his neighbours hate him for being a segue-riding, pot smoking menace, which made me laugh because I pictured GOB from ‘Arrested Development’. [TMZ, TMZ]

– Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson and Tammy #2), talk about their most memorable dates. [Vulture]

– Apparently Jelena are back together. [ONTD!]

– Kelly Osbourne called Lady Gaga a hypocrite, because she’s still mad about that time when Gaga gave no fucks about the little monsters telling Kelly to kill herself. I’d forgotten all about that, tbh. [GossipCop]

– 17 unusual uses for vodka. [BuzzFeed]

– The fifth episode of ‘Candidly Nicole’, Nicole Richie’s web series. [ONTD!]

– Olivia Wilde in a bikini. [TheSuperficial]

– A teen was arrested in Missouri for changing a classmate’s last name to ‘masturbate’. [UpRoxx]

– Katy Perry spent Memorial Day weekend with John Mayer, so I’m just going to jump right ahead to the conclusion that they’re banging again. [GossipCop]

– James Marsden has a baby boy, apparently. [ONTD!]

– We’ve all been playing Monopoly wrong this entire time. [BuzzFeed]

– Miguel, aka the Internet’s unofficial face of the WWE after the Billboard Awards, went on a rant about how black people are the ‘most judgemental people in the world’, which I suppose is an argument supported by the fact that this is judgemental and he is black? [GossipCop]

– There’s a Kickstarter project that will turn your bike wheels into GIFs. [UpRoxx]

– The first ‘Skins’ season 7 promo posters. [ONTD!]

– Watch Kelly Clarkson’s video for catchy new single ‘People Like Us’. [PITNB]

– Ke$ha throws a house party with in the video for ‘Crazy Kids’. [Idolator]

– ‘Pretty Little Liars’ fashion we envy. [BuzzFeed]

– Farrah Abraham tweeted that hypocritical Christians need to ‘find their faith’ because the Bible tells them to be better than that. Better than that… at anal? Ooooor… ? [GossipCop]

– Zosia Mamet is trying to finance her hipster folk band’s music video, is failing miserably. [UpRoxx]


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